MedTEC Pharma
Investment Opportunity

The business has a clearly defined pathway to a specific, valuable and achievable market position. This is made possible by agile, best-in-class operating and commercial assets.

Increasing value through delivery of key milestones

Since the seed round in 2020, the value of the business has continued to increase, supported by rapid industry growth and the company achieving key milestones. Including:


Full Australian Federal Government licensing for Cultivation & Production; and Research.

Company Position

Company is debt-free with wholly-owned, unencumbered land/infrastructure assets and a stable cash position.

Cultivation infrastructure is in place and operational. Other infrastructure is being built out to be operational in Q3 2023.

Partnerships and Leadership Excellence

The business has established strategic partnerships with key research and industry organisations including:

The directors and senior management have several decades of combined experience in agribusiness, manufacturing, international marketing and pharmaceuticals.

Access to high profile strategic & advisory executives with renowned capabilities in public health, pharmacy, medical manufacturing, clinical trials, plant genetics and IP.