Bringing cannabis to the medicinal mainstream

Why MedTEC Pharma?

An evidence-based pathway for clinicians

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Improved quality of life potential for those with chronic conditions

MedTEC Pharma are licenced cultivators, manufacturers, researchers and developers of medicinal cannabis for the pharmaceutical industry. Our mission is to advance this medicine in its potential to improve lives, by bringing it to the medical mainstream.

An opportunity for medicine to help without harm

“Watching both my parents suffer was one of the hardest things I’ve been through. My father died of Parkinson’s disease – never living to enjoy his retirement. My mother was taking so many pills for her Scleroderma that she could barely function. But after being provided medicinal cannabis, she could finally sleep, eat, and had a hugely improved quality of life.

Our mission is to address the key gaps in accessibility, giving medicinal cannabis a pathway to market. We have assembled a team of industry-leading experts and research partners in every part of the supply chain, so that we can make this powerful product a quality and accessible medicine to those who need it most.

I hope you will join us in our journey.”

— Brad Gallard Founder

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