About MedTEC Pharma

MedTEC Pharma was founded to lead the medicinal cannabis industry on a path to developing registered cannabis medicines that are both affordable and accessible by patients and trusted by medical practitioners as valid primary or adjunct treatments.

Our vision

To improve the patients quality of life by providing an alternative pharmaceutical option through medicinal cannabis

Our commitment to patients

To provide patients with affordable, compliant, and consistent products for those medical conditions that respond well to a medicinal cannabis treatment.

Our commitment to health professionals

To equip medical professionals with the knowledge to confidently prescribe our medicinal cannabis products to ensure the best outcomes for their patients.

Our commitment to investors

To build a global enterprise that delivers growing and sustainable value through highly sought-after bred-for-purpose medicinal cannabis.

Our values


We lead through the intelligent and complementary leverage of industry, research and financial resources. This extends to the open collaboration with health professionals and regulators to support trust and transparency in both scientific and business model development.


We respect all of our stakeholders and the wider community. This especially extends to the sensitive acknowledgement of business, clinical and professional risks faced by members of the health and medical profession, while putting the well-being of patients first and foremost in all we do.


Our vision is to be a trusted team leading a trusted industry with trusted products, services and innovation. We achieve this by setting the highest standards of scientific evidence and quality.


Integrity is essential to our longevity – it is indispensable to our mission. Our approach is pragmatic, honest, and consistent, always adhering to the highest standards of ethical values and principles. Integrity is the bedrock upon which our products, business models and customer experience will always be based.


Industry: We are committed to the long-term adoption and sustainability of medicinal cannabis in the healthcare sector.

Environment: Our products are naturally sourced from best-in-class energy and water efficient methods, ensuring maximum quality with minimal environmental impact.

Business: Our competitive business models ensure long-term financial sustainability for the company, our business partners and our shareholders.

Our team

Our leadership team, advisory board and strategic partners are all renowned in their respective fields. Their depth of experience ensures they have the practical know-how to strategically address the gaps in the emerging medicinal cannabis industry.