When developing and prescribing any medication, it has always been a challenge to deliver the desired effects while mitigating the side effects.

Medicinal cannabis presents new possibilities to improve patient quality of life. It has the potential to provide optimal relief from disease related symptoms, while reducing harmful side effects.

The structural gaps in this industry hitherto have meant this product has lacked the access,  scientific evidence and pharmaceutical standards to reach its life-changing potential.

At MedTEC Pharma, our mission is to take medicinal cannabis on a path toward a regulated clinical solution. We have assembled a team of leading experts across every stage of the value chain, so that we can work towards a product which can be prescribed and administered with the confidence that it is backed by scientific evidence.

How we are bringing cannabis
to the medicinal mainstream

People and partnerships

Partnerships with medical industry leaders and professionals

Renowned health and medical leadership

To fulfil on our mission, we have assembled a team of leaders in the health and medical fields. Their breadth of expertise and depth of experience will enable us to address gaps in this industry.

Internationally recognised research partnerships

A key to our success is the research and development that will advance the capabilities of this product. We have partnered with health and plant science institutions that are recognised as some of the best in Australia and the world.

Education and resources for professionals

For health professionals who want to better understand medicinal cannabis, it’s our duty to support them. We will provide ongoing professional education so that they can get to the right level of knowledge and confidence when talking to their patients.

Pharmaceutical gold standard

Products that meet Australia’s recognised, stringent medicine regulations

Seed to patient quality assurance

We are a legitimate seed-to-patient operation to ensure complete traceability and quality control. From seed genetics through to cultivation and manufacturing of finished goods, every part of our operations are rigorously tested and documented.

Supported by clinical evidence

We are committed to delivering evidence and removing bias through clinical trials. We are continuously seeking opportunities to conduct clinical studies for specific disease states, and believe in a multinational, multicentre approach.

Compliant with state-of-the-art pharmaceutical standards

Our products are compliant with pharmaceutical standards at every stage of the supply chain. This includes highly controlled outdoor cultivation that is optimised for pharmaceutical quality. It also includes end-to-end traceability and operation of a GMP- and TGA-certified manufacturing environment.

Sustainable outcomes

Leading the way to a trusted and sustainable industry

Green, scalable cultivation and production

Our products are grown in a natural and sustainable, yet highly controlled environment. Using our extensive horticulture and manufacturing expertise, we are building an industry-leading manufacturing operation designed for long-term scale.

Continuous and secure supply

MedTEC Pharma’s Riverland operational asset base is wholly owned and debt-free, ensuring security in our supply. The site has optimal climate, soil and topography to create excellent growing and production conditions.

Industry-shaping leadership

We are committed to leading medicinal cannabis into the pharmaceutical mainstream. To achieve this, we are setting new leadership standards for industry sustainability.